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Juan Lopez' Plan for the Office Of Sheriff

I will restore integrity to the leadership of the Office of Sheriff in San Mateo County.

A Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and must be worthy of the trust of the voters and all other elected officials.

The incumbent is not the person to lead the law enforcement program for the County of San Mateo.

I will be a leader the Voters of San Mateo County can respect and trust.

I will improve the effectiveness of the Office of the Sheriff

Back  Enhancing Public Safety and Quality of Life

Currently the Sheriff's OFfice has no short-term or long-term policing strategy to enhance public safety & quality of life issues. It is reactive versus proactive. I will develop, implement, and provide for a timely assessment of both.

Back  Analysis of Crime Trends

Currently there is no crime analyst or sustained analysis of crime trends in the County. I will change this by creating a full time position to direct the resources of the county efficiently and inform you of crime trends which need to be address.

Back  Protect Against Sex Crime

Currently there is no sex crime unit at the Sheriff's Office. It was disbanded several years ago. This decision was short-sighted and flies in the face of reality on the ground, with approximately 300 such cases received a year by this office. Not to mention the need to pro-actively monitor sex registrants in our jurisdiction. I will change this, restore and fully staff the unit - to protect our children.

Back  Protect Against Domestic Violence

Currently there is no dedicated domestic violence unit. I will change this and fully resource what county leaders have already identified as an important issue.

Back  Improve Infrastructure of the Office of the Sheriff

The infrastructure of the Sheriff's Office has not kept pace with its needs - increased jurisdiction and service requirements. This issue can no longer be ignored and needs to be addressed. I will do so.

Back  Upgrade Civil Enforcement Bureau

Our Civil enforcement Bureau is poorly staffed, equipped, and resourced, this in the face of increasing demands/workload and best practices. I will change this and create a safe and efficient environment for both our staff and the public they serve.

Back  Utilize Criminal Records Databases

The County currently does not take full advantage of the criminal records databases to solve crimes. I will address and improve this situation.

Back  Upgrade Officer Training Unit

The office's training unit has been relegated to merely meeting minimum training requirements. Training is key to professionalism, performance, and developing our workers. I will change that.

Back  Review Satellite Jail Need

A satellite jail, one detached from the County Campus, incurs unecessary expenses, and risk, and stretches infrastructure. I believe we need to rethink this and have an honest dialogue, before we commit precious county resources to such a strategy.

Back  Restore ID Technicians to Jail

The office did away with ID technicians in the jail. This was short sighted and does not meet the needs of either our office or our law enforcement partners. I will change this.

Back  Review Psych Inmate "Farming Out"

When the Maguire Facility was built we encompassed a psyche ward which did not last very long. Instead we farm out our psych inmates at exorbitant rates. We could re-opoen that unit and provide that service to other counties like Santa Clara does for us and others.